Training Division

Our training division includes both IT and Non-IT courses program. Under this Wing the services included:

  • Retail programs, in which we provide training in batches and also through online i.e through one to one correspondence mode
  • College programs, include free seminars/ paid workshops/ industrial visits/ in plant training/ final year internship and placement partnership program
  • Corporate programs, include on-demand corporate training Being in the training and development sector jointly, we understand the shortcoming which hinders companies from a quality workforce acquisition. we work toward filling that inadequacy i.e the Resource Quality Gap that separates the two words of education and business. Our endeavour has resulted in our successfull collaboration with esteemed educational instutes and also with hi-tech firms.

Training Methodology

Evolet Technologies has the ability to understand the needs of employers in the software industry and identify the skills and knowledge required. we study the variation between the candidate's profile and industry requirement. The technical experts design, develop and deliver the courses to bridge this variation. Evolet Technologies has a separate unit that is dedicated to creating the course material for all courses and experts in various subjects together create the course curriculum. This is done after surveying the trends/ demands in the IT industry.
An innovative teaching methodology which delivers in-depth training to the candidate content of the material is prepared with hands on project experience by our own technical team of experts taking into consideration the current and future trends of IT industry. Each course includes classroom as well as practical sessions in the lab

Our Vision

To gain global recognition as a company that provides the best solutions to its customers

Our Mission

To help our customers achieve their business objectives by providing innovative IT solutions and services

Why Etcoe

We welcome individuals from different fields of academy or profession starting from:



Syllabus vs Logsheet

level and benchmark

ROI(Return On Investment)

Job Assurance

At Etcoe our team of skilled technical consultants researched on the expectations of the clientele and on aspiring people from different fields of academia and profession and finally modelled a go-getter training approach where we focus on the RQG factor through our training programs be it classroom teaching or online learning.

Our Clients

How can we help our Clients

Being an organization with training and development under the same covering, we understand and provide the value of resourceful workforce which is well trained and groomed as per industry standards and specification.
Also we have specialized programs for corporate trainings as per the project requirements of the companies

Our Achivements

A well maintained client base gives way to the buoyancy with which we build an appropriate career for each person who associates with us with a high hope of success